There were two basic variants of the VC10, the Standard and the Super.


Standard VC10 Types

Type 1100

This was the designation of the prototype VC10 (G-ARTA).

Type 1101

These were the first production aircraft for BOAC. The last to be delivered was in February 1965. Unlike the prototype, the 1101 lacked thrust reversers on the inboard engines.

Type 1102

These were aircraft ordered for Ghana Airways in 1961. Two of the three ordered had a cargo door. The third aircraft order was cancelled and converted to a Type 1103.

Type 1103

British United Airways ordered 3 aircraft, one of which was taken from a cancelled Ghana Airways order. Cargo doors were present on all 3 aircraft.

Type 1104

A cancelled Nigerian Airways order, never produced.

Type 1106

This was the RAF's VC10 CMk1 aircraft. The variant is based on a Standard VC10 but has the fin mounted fuel tank found in the Super. It also carries the Super's more powerful engines plus a large cargo door. The story goes that the cargo door was designed to enable a standard Army Land Rover do be driven aboard, however, shortly after introduction the Land Rover was replaced with a new, longer wheelbase version which would not fit!


Super VC10 Types

Type 1151

These were aircraft for BOAC. The Super has a longer fuselage (by 13ft) and increased passenger carrying capabilities. It also carried a fin-mounted fuel tank, thus increasing effective range. More powerful Conway engines were also fitted, with thrust reversers on all four engines.

Type 1152

A cancelled BOAC order incorporating a large cargo door and freight handling system.

Type 1153

Never built.

Type 1154

These were 5 aircraft for East African Airways with large freight doors.


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