Here are some photos kindly supplied by Geoff Hall and Paul Robinson

Here we see G-ARTA in a very sorry state in a hangar at Gatwick after her heavy landing in the Summer of 1972. Ouch!

G-ASIX was parked outside the same hangar at the time. This is the aircraft re-registered A40-AB for the Sultan of Oman who donated the aircraft to Brooklans Museum in Surrey after it's last flight there in 1987

If you look carefully at the fuselage of G-ARTA which is in the foreground you can make out the rippling (on the sides of the fuselage just behind the 2 dark squares on the roof) caused by it's heavy landing after someone allegedly pulled the spoiler lever before the aircraft touched down at Gatwick on what was to be it's final flight.

G-ATDJ in flight

The strikes in 1974 grounded these three VC10s


G-ASGH Heathrow

November 1979 Heathrow. Note the engine test silencers.

G-ARTA in original BOAC colours

G-ASIW leaving Brooklands on it's first flight

G-ASIX in BUA livery


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