The RAF currently has 15 VC10s in service. The aircraft has an out-of-service date of 2011-2014, and all K2's are now extinct. The following table summarises the entire Vickers VC10 output. If you know of any errors or omissions please e-mail us at

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Serial Airline Civilian Military Notes In Service
803 Vickers/Laker/MEA/BUA/BCal G-ARTA damaged beyond repair Gatwick Jan 72
804 BOAC/Nigeria G-ARVA crashed Lagos Nov 69
805 BOAC G-ARVB scrapped Oct 76
806 BOAC/Gulf G-ARVC ZA144 K2 - scrapped at St Athan 2000
807 BOAC G-ARVE scrapped Oct 76
808 BOAC/UAE Govt G-ARVF preserved Hermeskeil Museum, Germany
809 BOAC/Gulf G-ARVG ZA141 K2 - scrapped St Athan 2000
810 BOAC G-ARVH scrapped Oct 76
811 BOAC/Gulf G-ARVI ZA142 K2 - scrapped 2002/3
812 BOAC/Qatar Govt G-ARVJ ZD493 no RAF service, stored then broken up
813 BOAC/Gulf G-ARVK ZA143 K2 - scrapped St Athan 2001
814 BOAC/Gulf G-ARVL ZA140 K2 - scrapped St Athan 2000
815 BOAC G-ARVM at RAF Museum, Cosford
819 British United Airways G-ASIW broken up 1979
820 British United Airways G-ASIX at Brooklands Museum
823 Ghana 9G-ABO scrapped 1983
824 Ghana 9G-ABP destroyed at Beirut, Dec 68
825 British United Airways G-ATDJ XX914 at DERA, since broken up
826 Royal Air Force XR806 C1(K) - written off Brize Norton 1999
827 Royal Air Force XR807 C1(K) - scrapped 2010
828 Royal Air Force XR808 C1(K) - still in service Yes
829 Royal Air Force XR809 C1(K) - scrapped 1982
830 Royal Air Force XR810 C1(K) - still in service Yes
831 Royal Air Force XV101 C1(K) - still in service Yes
832 Royal Air Force XV102 C1(K) - still in service Yes
833 Royal Air Force XV103 Part scrapped at St Athan, on-site Jan 2002
834 Royal Air Force XV104 C1(K) - still in service Yes
835 Royal Air Force XV105 C1(K) - still in service Yes
836 Royal Air Force XV106 C1(K) - still in service Yes
837 Royal Air Force XV107 C1(K) - still in service Yes
838 Royal Air Force XV108 C1(K) - still in service Yes
839 Royal Air Force XV109 C1(K) - scrapped 2010
851 BOAC G-ASGA ZD230 Scrapped 2005
852 BOAC G-ASGB ZD231 no RAF service, scrapped March 87
853 BOAC G-ASGC at Imperial War Museum, Duxford
854 BOAC G-ASGD ZD232 no RAF service, used for fire training till 94
855 BOAC G-ASGE ZD233 no RAF service, scrapped by Nov 82
856 BOAC G-ASGF ZD234 no RAF service, tanker simulator at Brize N
857 BOAC G-ASGG ZD235 K4 - scrapped 2003/4
858 BOAC G-ASGH ZD236 no RAF service, scrapped April 87
859 BOAC G-ASGI ZD237 no RAF service, scrapped March 87
860 BOAC G-ASGJ ZD238 no RAF service, broken up by Dec 87
861 BOAC G-ASGK ZD239 burnt at Manston, 1999 (src: abc)
862 BOAC G-ASGL ZD240 Scrapped 2006
863 BOAC G-ASGM ZD241 K4 - still in service Yes
864 BOAC G-ASGN destroyed Jordan 70
865 BOAC G-ASGO destroyed Schiphol 74
866 BOAC G-ASGP ZD242 K4 - still in service Yes
867 BOAC G-ASGR ZD243 no RAF service, scrapped 93
881 East African Airways 5X-UVA destroyed after aborted t/o Addis Ababa 72
882 East African Airways 5H-MMT ZA147 K3 - still in service Yes
883 East African Airways 5Y-ADA ZA148 K3 - still in service Yes
884 East African Airways 5X-UVJ ZA149 K3 - still in service Yes
885 East African Airways 5H-MOG ZA150 K3 - still in service Yes

Paul Robinson and Geoff Hall for their photos

DJ Thaxter, Eduart Marmet and AirNikon - various. 

G-ASGI is courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin.


XX914 was broken up after service with DERA but some of it, quite a lot actually, was rescued for use with the RAF movements school at RAF Brize Norton. The fuselage was shortened and what is left is enough to be used for movements training with both lower holds intact and a good part of the main cabin floor. Most of the fin is present as well as the four engine nacelles. It is used most days for training new movements personnel and at weekends by 4624 SQN, part of the royal auxiliary air force


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